Spring 2014 Running Shoe Buyer’s Guide

Photo: Scott Draper | Competitor

Saucony Mirage 4, $110

9.0 oz. (men’s); 7.4 oz. (women’s)

24mm (heel), 20mm (forefoot)

Fit: Snug in the heel and midfoot/arch area, the Mirage offers a tiny bit of extra room in the forefoot for the toes to splay.

Feel: With a good blend of softness and structure, the revamped Mirage feels light and springy while still offering support under the foot. The wide surface area of the outsole adds to its stable medial-posted construction, while the updated seamless mesh helps give it a feeling of agility.

Ride: This lightweight stability trainer offers plenty of pep, making it ideal for progression runs, fartleks and racing from 10K to half marathons. (In fact, many of our wear-testers said it feels like a neutral performance shoe at faster paces.) Whether you need support all the time or if you’re a neutral runner who only needs a twinge of extra stability during longer runs, this is a versatile option.

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