Spring 2014 Running Shoe Buyer’s Guide

Photo: Scott Draper | Competitor

Skora Fit, $95

8.2 oz. (men’s); 6.6 oz. (women’s)

16mm (heel), 16mm (forefoot)

Fit: An asymmetrical lacing system does a good job of comfortably cinching up the heel and midfoot while leaving plenty of room for the toes to splay and wiggle.

Feel: The latest zero-drop shoe from Skora has modest cushioning underfoot and an infinitely flexible disposition. Our wear-testers appreciated how the sliver of foam and thin rubber outsole offer a noticeable amount of softness and just enough protection from impact and various obstacles on the ground.

Ride: As you might expect from its lightweight and extremely pliable construction, the Fit has an infinitely flexible and uninhibited natural ride. The 16mm of rubber and foam underfoot keeps it from being a “barely there” shoe, but it doesn’t get in the way of amazing foot-to-ground proprioception. “It’s kind of like a dance slipper with more cushion,” one wear-tester said. “It’s above a barefoot ride but not so much that it feels like a cushioned trainer either.” Several of our wear-testers thought it would also be a good shoe to wear while not running to strengthen foot muscles.

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