The Everyman: Here’s My Excuse — What’s Yours?

Poor weather is a good excuse not to run, but try to power through it. Photo:

As much as we try, sometimes fitting running into our schedule isn’t possible.

I’m in scramble mode.

After making an aggressive pledge to work out during the Sochi Olympics, which I covered for NBC, I failed to deliver. There was just too much work to be done. And when you’re faced with a five-hour window to either work out and sleep or just sleep, the latter seems to be a better option.

So now I’m faced with a difficult situation: I’ve got a race in less than two weeks, the Rock ’n’ Roll USA Half Marathon, and I’m not properly trained for it. Between knee issues earlier this year and the Olympics, running was put on the back burner.

I suppose I should take a page out of my employer’s book and follow some of this advice next time. And this.

To make matters worse, we got dumped on with snow this week here in the mid-Atlantic region. So getting outside to train has been a challenge and will continue to be a challenge for the foreseeable future.

If you think I sound like an excuse machine, you’re right because that’s exactly what I’ve become as of late. Look, we all lead busy lives. Work gets in the way of life, life gets in the way of training, and training can often get in the way of sleeping. We just have to make some adjustments and find the right balance.

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Luckily I have a good fitness base so finishing the race won’t be a problem. Lowering my PR of 1:47, however, is unlikely to happen. If nothing else, this race will provide a baseline for the rest of the season. Then I’ll ramp up my training once again and compete in other road races and triathlons.

Although I’m getting married this summer. And then there’s the honeymoon. And what if I’m just too tired to get up and run?

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