10 Essential Tips For New Runners

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6. Don’t train alone

Sometimes running alone is exactly what you need. But training with partners on occasion can help keep things fun and inspiring, plus you’ll have to be accountable to someone other than yourself — and it can push you to run faster.

7. Get stronger

If you want to be a consistent runner, you’ve got to do more than just run. To avoid overuse injuries and lessen ongoing fatigue from running, do exercises and drills to strengthen the muscles in your feet, ankles, lower legs and core. Check out our numerous articles about running-specific strength exercises and running-form drills.

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8. Sign up for a race

Easily the biggest way to get yourself in motion is to sign up for a race. If you’re new to running, give yourself enough time for proper training (at least six months for a marathon and four months for a half marathon). Once it’s on the calendar, you’ll have something to motivate you every day.

9. Go gadget-free

Watches, GPS units and heart-rate monitors can be great tools for tracking speed and effort, but they can also become consuming if you are too reliant on them. From time to time, pick out a route and just go at a pace that feels good. It will free your mind and can increase enjoyment levels. If you run with music, consider running without your phone (or switching it to airplane mode) to avoid outside distractions.

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10. Practice patience

For all its enjoyments, running also has its share of frustrations, whether it’s trying to get faster, get past an annoying injury, or achieve that runner’s high you’ve heard about. The solution? Be patient. Improvement of any sort takes time. Knowing that is an essential part of the process of becoming a runner.

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