Battling The Blues: Five Cures For Running Boredom

Follow these tips to keep your runs interesting and fun.

The French author Madame de Staël once wrote, “one must choose in life between boredom and suffering.” As runners, we are all accustomed to dealing with pushing pain thresholds, yet it’s inevitable that we’ll face periods of boredom during our workouts, and so de Staël’s quote isn’t necessary applicable to us. The very nature of what we do requires some amount of suffering and yet we occasionally have to weather those runs where we just want to hurry up and get home.

If you’re finding yourself in this unfortunate position, first try to get to the heart of matter. Do some introspection by asking yourself the following questions: Why are you bored? Are you bored with your route? Are you bored with your pace? Are you bored with your routine? Are you bored because you’re burned out? Why is running suddenly a chore?

Here are five things for you to try the next time you’re searching for answers to these questions.

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