Battling The Blues: Five Cures For Running Boredom

2. Mix up your training plan and don’t be afraid to experiment

Most of us do our hard workouts and our long runs on the same days of the week. This “if it’s Tuesday, I’m on the track” routine can get old after a while, so why not change it up? Sit down with your training plan and find a way to gradually alter it. For example, instead of doing Tuesday/Thursday as your hard days and Saturday as your long run, consider a Wednesday/Friday routine for the faster-paced workouts and a Sunday long run. Another way to mix things up is to alter your routes. Explore. Go run a new set of trails or check out that neighborhood you’ve never been to. If you run the same course on your recovery days, try running it backwards. Go to running websites like and find routes in your area that other runners have created.

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