Battling The Blues: Five Cures For Running Boredom

4. Make up ‘fun’ workouts and plan some rewards

Just because your training schedule calls for something, that doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. Get creative! For example, if you’re supposed to run 6 x 400m on a track, go measure out a 400m stretch of road or trail and do your quarters in a different locale. Another workout that you can try to combat boredom is the progression run. Plan for this run (typically 5-8 miles in length) on one of your harder days. Start out the progression run at your recovery pace and with each mile that passes, increase your pace by 15-30-seconds per mile until you are at your 5K goal pace in the last mile. These types of runs require concentration and discipline. Also, come up with some rewards that you’ll receive if you meet the specific training objectives of the day. Treat yourself to a nice dinner with the family that night or that new album you’ve wanted to buy. Little things like this can go a long way.

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