Can A Training Log Hurt Your Running?

Improvement isn’t about hitting a big workout, how many miles you can cram into a week or “competing” against others. 

Whether it’s as traditional as pen and paper or one of the myriad of fancy online apps and websites, the benefits of keeping a training log are well-known by many experienced runners. Setting goals, tracking injuries, seeking motivation, analyzing numbers: the data provided by a well-kept training log can be extremely useful when implemented correctly.

However, is there a downside to keeping a detailed training log? Could it be possible that your meticulous and beloved log is actually the cause of your latest injury, bout of overtraining and poor race results?

In my experience an an athlete and coach, if you’re a veteran runner whose motivation is already quite high, it’s possible your training log is hindering your progression. For all their benefits, training logs can possess potential drawbacks, as well. Let’s take a look at how to keep a training log without letting it control your training.

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