Can A Training Log Hurt Your Running?

Train With Purpose

Have you ever added miles on to a warmup or cooldown to make sure you hit your mileage total for the week? Or, have you ever run through an injury because you couldn’t face not logging the workout or seeing your weekly mileage grow? You’re not alone!

Unfortunately, many experienced runners often let their training log and an obsession with the numbers in it control their training. Rather than listening to your body and making rational decisions about how you feel, training becomes more about adding up the numbers and watching the impressive workouts fill up the training log. To make long-term progress, however, and have more consistent, healthy, and productive training, it might be time to ditch the log and start listening to your body.

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Remember, every run should have a purpose. Sometimes, not keeping a log helps you better align your training with the specific purpose of each workout.

  • When you’re exhausted and forcing yourself through a long workout, stop and consider whether the workout is accomplishing what it’s designed to do or whether you’re just trying to finish so you can log it.
  • If you’re shuffling through a recovery run and feeling sore or fatigued, don’t push the distance just so you can hit your miles for the week.
  • When you feel an injury coming on, don’t stress about the blank day in your training log and give your body the rest it needs. You won’t lose any fitness, but you might save yourself having to take a week off down the road due to a full-blown injury.

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