Can A Training Log Hurt Your Running?

Avoid Compulsion

Keeping a detailed log can be a way to enable an already obsessive activity. Runners are a compulsive group by their very nature. Moreover, the drive to get faster and push the limits of your potential is often an intoxicating addiction. Most days, finding the motivation to get out the door isn’t a problem for an experienced runner. For newer runners, however, using a training log to help spark the desire to get out the door each day can be critical to their overall development.

Regardless of your experience level, it’s important to exercise caution when using a training log. Tracking your training can quickly become less about examining long-term trends and more about trivial training details. Focusing on trivial things such as streaks, hitting X amount of miles in a week, etc., can easily turn running from a fun activity to a stressful part of your life.

Becoming too caught up in the minutia of training can oftentimes be a detriment to race performance. It’s already too easy to get so nervous before a race that performance is inhibited. Adding the stress of a missed core session in the training log or being short a few miles for the week can ruin your race before it starts.

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