Understanding Treadmill Training For Maximal Results

Stuck inside because of the Polar Vortex this winter? Here are some treadmill tips.

With the Polar Vortex affecting most of the country, treadmills are being put to the test. I suspect that this winter not only will there be records for snowfall and low temperatures, but also for miles run on a treadmill. Here are my tips for getting the most from your treadmill time.

1. Vary your speed and incline

If you’ve worn a GPS monitor while running outdoors, you know that your pace varies from moment to moment and mile to mile. Your incline does too. Even on the smoothest, flattest road, there is variation in pace and incline. You invariable run curves to the left and to the right, in addition to turns onto different streets. Plus, you often run over slight (or even significant) uphills and downhills. I believe your treadmill running should mimic this variety.

Therefore, my advice is to vary the incline and speed on your treadmill runs. Don’t just set the pace and leave it. Run up some hills — some small and some large. Visualize your outdoor routes and mimic their terrain on the treadmill. And adjust your pace from time to time. Even small pace changes of .1-.3 mph can make a treadmill run more like an outdoor run.

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