Monday Motivation: Running In The White House

As part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to promote exercise and a healthier lifestyle for children, President Obama and Vice President Biden show you how they move. According to this video, they go for jogs around the White House…in their suits. As entertaining as it is to watch the country’s leaders running in the White House, it would have been more realistic if the POTUS and VP would have donned neon color-coordinated running clothes.

We’re also fairly certain, the President would have a horde of Secret Service men trailing behind him on his brief jogs around the White House. (At least that was the case when notable runners President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush went out for a run.) Nevertheless, it’s good to know the President makes time to fit a run into his busy schedule, even if it’s just a lap around his workplace.

By the way, parts of the video are kind of reminiscent of Trinity Great Court Run in “Chariots of Fire,” where two of the characters of the movie race around a college courtyard in the time it takes for the clock to strike 12. If this White House gig was a race and we were betting, we’d take Obama over Biden. We’d be happy to help get them some running shoes, though!

Here are a couple of fun Vine remixes of the run.
This video was clearly missing the motivational music to go with the message.
Nothing says America like the Rocky theme song.

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