Monday Motivation: Training With Usain Bolt

Even the fastest man alive wishes he could quit running. 

When Jamaican sprinter, Olympic champion, and multiple world record holder Usain Bolt runs, it’s effortless. Or so it appears to be. In reality, this behind-the-scenes video reveals to us that Bolt’s training regimen is no easy sprint around the track. Just like every runner, whether elite or amateur, Bolt gets discouraged.

“Competition is the easy part,” Bolt says in the video. “Behind the scenes is where all the work is done. Everything is done to get to that one race you need to run.”

We don’t doubt that Bolt has plenty more great (and perhaps record-breaking) runs to come. However, we hope his intense training doesn’t force him to become a pro golfer instead. Plaid polos, khakis, and argyle socks don’t seem to suit the sprinter’s style.

Who are we kidding, though. Bolt never gives up.

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