A New Take On Running: Man Runs First Human Vertical Loop

A stunt man defies gravity and successfully runs a vertical loop. Check out the amazing footage.

If runners could defy gravity, they would run laps in a vertical loop instead of on a treadmill. However, such crazy notions are impossible … until witnessing this video.

Sponsored by Pepsi Max, stuntman Damien Walters attempts to run upside down in a loop. The loop looks like a never-ending ramp that you’d see at a skate park, and was specially built for Walter’s never-done-before stunt trick. It’s not a trick, though. With lots of practice, some cushioned mats and countless falls, Walters makes it all the way around by the sheer force and momentum of his body. Talk about the ultimate parkour maneuver!

In order to complete a full cycle without falling on his head, Walters had to reach a speed of 8.65 mph at the top of the loop. That means Olympic champion sprinter and multiple world record-holder Usain Bolt would probably have little difficulty running two full loop cycles. #MindBlown

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