Coach Culpepper: Tips For Racing Boston

Beware Of Distractions

The expo is always an exciting part of any event, but especially in Boston because it’s where many shoe and apparel companies debut new gear. Certainly you should take part and enjoy the opportunity to see all the industry has to offer. But similar to the lobby chatter, beware of expending too much energy and focus at the expo. Take part and pick up some nice keepsakes, but also be mindful of the time on your legs, your hydration needs and appropriate meal planning, not to mention how much you are exerting emotionally.

Same goes for the other races the Boston Athletic Association puts on that weekend — the B.A.A. Mile and the B.A.A. 5k — and the time you spend shopping, dining and walking around on Boylston and Newbury Streets. When in doubt, take it easy and lay low.

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