Coach Culpepper: Tips For Racing Boston

Pacing Vs. Perceived Effort

I am a big advocate of learning and then applying the skill of perceived effort. Feel your way through workouts and then apply what you learned to the race itself. Most great performances are executed when the athlete lets the race unfold based on how they feel, instead of being overly concerned with what the watch is telling them.

However, Boston is unique as it relates to the course layout, and, in this instance, paying closer attention to pacing the first 10 kilometers can make for a totally different experience than in the last 10km. Just because it feels comfortable aerobically does not mean it is easy muscularly. Paying closer attention to those early miles and even backing off slightly will allow for a much better second half in Boston. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can bank time by going out quicker; that tends to backfire due to the course topography.

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