4 Boston Marathon Tips From Dick Beardsley

1. Rehearse the downhills

“In the 80-plus marathons I’ve run over the years I’ve never been more beat up after a marathon then I was at Boston in 1982!” says Beardsley. There is the famed Heartbreak Hill, but a common oversight for runners is neglecting to consider the downhills.

“Everyone talks about those four miles of hills from 17-21 miles and they get scared by it. They for sure are something you want to be ready for but I would be way more concerned and scared about the downhills than the uphills!”

Beardsley’s advice is to be sure to include downhill running, just as runners are mindful of uphill repeats. “Most runners, when they train for a hilly course like Boston, they run hard up the hills and then jog down, and repeat a certain amount of times,” he said. “If I can stress more then anything else, get your body used to the pounding it will take and practice running downhill at a good effort.”


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