I’m A Competitor: Jamie Young

Jamie Young is running for the Shamrock Foundation, which benefits children in need through New England-based non-profit organizations. Photo: Scott Draper | Competitor

The Boston Celtics assistant coach will run the Boston Marathon on April 21. 

An assistant coach with the Boston Celtics for the past 13 years, Jamie Young is frequently on the road with the team during the fall, winter and spring. The convenience of being able to run in different NBA host cities is just one reason he considers running to be his primary workout. Young is toeing the line at the Boston Marathon on April 21—his first time tackling 26.2 miles—to raise money for the team’s charity, the Shamrock Foundation, which benefits children in need through New England-based non-profit organizations.

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Why did you start running?

I started getting more into running when my father passed away in 2007, mostly because I wanted to be more health-conscious. I was working out already, but once he passed, I got serious about taking care of my body, taking care of my heart and trying to eat properly.

What do you like about running?

I like to be outside, and it gives me time to myself, so I have a chance to think about things. Sometimes I think about my job or my family or the songs I’m listening to. Sometimes I reflect in prayer when I run. Sometimes when you run for a long time, you forget about your run completely, and that’s great.

How do you fit it into your schedule?

I prefer to run in the mornings. If you work out for one hour of the day, that’s only 4 percent of the day. I think there is always enough time to balance work and everything else and get a workout in, even if you have to get up an hour earlier or go to bed an hour later.

Where do you run in Boston?

I really like running along the Charles River. I also like running through the city and crossing the finish line on Boylston Street. I imagine what it will be like to finish the marathon on the day of the race.

What does Boston Strong mean to you?

To me, Boston Strong is about the tightness of the city of Boston and the surrounding communities and the togetherness they share. It’s about how everyone got together and supported the victims and the communities after everything happened.

More about Jamie:

Favorite shoes: I’ve been running in the New Balance 860 for my marathon training. I like those a lot.

Rave runs: I run in almost every city when we’re on the road. I really enjoy running along Lake Michigan in Chicago.

Post-run food: I’ll usually eat pasta—mostly spaghetti and lasagna.

Cross-training: In any given week, I’ll play basketball, or I’ll get on an exercise bike, lift some weights or spend some time on an elliptical machine.

This piece first appears in the April issue of Competitor magazine. 

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