Kenya Project: Returning To The Boston Marathon

American marathoner Desiree Linden spent six weeks in Iten, Kenya, training for this year’s Boston Marathon, a race she returns to for the first time since finishing second in 2011. Competitor senior video producer Steve Godwin and photo editor Scott Draper spent Linden’s last week in Iten with her in late February, documenting her preparation for the April 21 race and highlighting the culture of the Kenyan running community. Check out the links below for we footage, imagery and insight from a four-part video series we’re calling The Kenya Project.

In Episode 4 of The Kenya Project, Desiree Linden recaps her final long run in Iten before heading back to the U.S. to wrap up her training for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

“Right around 16 I thought I may have missed the mark on that,” she said of running within herself during the hilly 20-mile effort. “I was pumped that I just hung back until it was time to move forward and then just stuck on the group for the rest of it.”

Linden also talks about returning to Boston for the first time since finishing second there in 2011, and what Boston Strong means for her heading into the April 21 race.

“I think when I turn onto Boylston, if I’m in the position to be in the hunt to get the win, I’m going to be thinking about 2011 and how frustrating it was to cross second,” she explains. “And how I don’t want to be that person again.”

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