Crazy About Running: Going The Extra Miles

Rock ‘n’ Roller: Chris Small

Chris Small has been active all of his life, but he admits he owes some of his recent crazy running habits to longtime friend Dave Defilippo, who encouraged Small to join him at a Rock ‘n’ Roll race in Providence, R.I., in 2011. Small, a 46-year-old Boston resident, has been on a roll ever since, running 18 Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon events last year—including two in one day in November. (If it sounds like an expensive endeavor, it helps that he works in the travel industry and he bought a Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour Pass, which allows unlimited entries for $399.) “Dave is kind of a hardcore runner who has been doing a lot of races,” Small says. “At one point, he said, ‘If I can do it, you can do it.’ That really kind of got me motivated.”

Small was one of about 80 people who ran the half in San Antonio on Nov. 17, and then got on a two-hour flight to Las Vegas for an evening race along The Strip.

“It was pretty hot in San Antonio,” he says. “But I rehydrated and rested on the plane and got a second wind by the time I got to the starting line in Vegas.”

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More about Chris:

Favorite shoes: New Balance 890

How many shoes did you go through last year: Three pairs

Go-to energy fuel: Strawberry or Banana GU

Most essential piece of running gear: My iPod. “I’m kind of an ’80s kid, so I like a lot of alternative music. But really anything that has a fast beat to it.”

Personal mantra: “Sleep when you’re dead.”

—Brian Metzler

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