Myths Busted: The Skinny On Protein

Myth #1: Only Bodybuilders Need More Protein

To encourage recovery of mile-ravaged muscle, improve strength, help meet increased caloric requirements, and offset protein oxidation during bouts of running, runners undeniably require more dietary protein than someone who only runs to the fridge during halftime. Those undergoing endurance training need about 0.55 to 0.65 grams of protein per pound of body weight. So a 160-pound runner needs to eat roughly 88 to 104 grams of protein per day to meet training needs.

As intensity, frequency and duration of training increases shoot for the higher end of the protein range. Skimp on this, and your body will borrow from muscle to meet its needs — undermining fitness growth. Fortunately, you should have no trouble meeting your protein quota if you nosh on a varied, whole-food diet (See Protein Power later in this article).

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