Photos: India’s Run The Rann

Check out these epic images from the inaugural 101K event!

Last month Boulder, Colo.-based trail runner, Krissy Moehl traveled to western India to participate in the inaugural Run the Rann, a 101K trail race held in Dholavira. Gaël Couturier, the event organizer from Great Asian Outdoors, was inspired by running races like the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc and Marathon des Sables and wanted to create a world-scale running event in India. “Race organizers did an amazing job, especially for a first-year race,” Moehl says. The race was even sweeter for Moehl and fellow American runner Nikki Kimball, who tied for first place in the women’s division with their time of 12:59:33. The men’s race was won by Csaba Nemeth of Hungary in 11:58:37. Scroll through the images below to get a glimpse of what the race was all about. To learn more, go to Run the Rann.

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