The Everyman: 7 Signs Spring Is Here

Waking up early for a run is always easier when the weather turns nicer. Photo:

Jason Devaney shares his thoughts about the arrival of spring.

Now that winter is finally out of the way for most of the country, us non-winter athletes can start to enjoy being outside again without having to wear four layers underneath our winter coats.

Here are my seven signs that spring has arrived:

No More Running Pants

Not that I mind wearing running pants, but there’s always something a bit awkward about a man wearing what essentially amounts to a pair of tights. Still, that hasn’t stopped me from hanging out at the local coffee shop after a weekend morning run wearing them.

New Headwear

Winter running hats are no more; now all I see are lightweight running hats, running visors, or even headbands. The worst is dealing with a sweat-slicked winter hat after a February run.

New Sounds

Winter runs are often framed by sounds of snowblowers, snow plows, and the crunching of sand and road salt as cars drive past. Now us runners hear birds and lawnmowers. And don’t even get me going about fresh-cut grass, the greatest scent in the world.

Earlier Wake-Up Times

Who wants to get up at 5 AM on a cold February morning to drive to the gym for a swim? Or at 7 AM on a frigid Saturday for a run? Not this guy. But with temperatures now routinely in the 50s at that time of day here in the mid-Atlantic region, getting out of bed at or before sunrise is easier. And I almost prefer it. Almost.

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Crowded Trails

If there’s an all-purpose trail near your house, you’re familiar with how empty it is during the winter. If you can stand the cold, it’s a nice luxury to have—imagine driving on the highway and having all four lanes to yourself. Well you can kiss those days goodbye. Just remember to stay safe when there are other cyclists and runners around.

Bike Rides

If you’re a triathlete like me or just someone who likes to ride a bike, spring is one of the most amazing times of the year. You either bundled up and did a few rides here and there during the winter, or you spent months on the bike trainer. Or neither. Nevertheless, warmer temperatures inspire us to get out and ride.

New Gear

The advent of a new season always brings new gear, from the latest shoes to the most high-tech running shirts. Do yourself a favor and head to your local running store. There might be some season-opening sales. And who doesn’t want to look good?

What’s your favorite part about spring? Tweet me @jason_devaney1.

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