Dynamic Warmups Make You Stronger, Faster

‘Pennies In The Bank’

As long as you set aside some time, even if it’s only five minutes, you can fire up your muscles before a workout. “It only takes five to 10 minutes before a training session and is well worth the time spent,” Seebohar says. “I find that endurance athletes are time crunched so they do not make time for dynamic warmup; it’s really a shame because the benefits are so great.”

“It’s like pennies in the bank,” Stensland says. “The more time you can do it, the better.” Now it might not be in your best interest to spend equal time warming up and running, but if you schedule the stretches into your workout time, you’ll wind up a winner.

Rather than complain about not feeling warmed up until you’re a mile or two into your run, you’ll feel good to go straight out of the gates. “Doing the exercises significantly improves your body’s joint range of motion and flexibility and allows for more ‘effortless’ running from the beginning,” Seebohar says. Want more quality runs as opposed to wishing you ran faster, harder, stronger? Go dynamic.

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