Speed Workouts: Standing Rest Vs. Jogging Rest

We examine the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Sometimes it’s the simplest or most fundamental elements of training that both coaches and athletes overlook. When you’ve been training and competing for almost your entire life, it can be hard to think back to the basics. However, for many runners, especially those who are just getting started, it’s critical to learn and understand the fundamentals.

One of these basic, yet very important questions is this: What should you be doing during the rest periods between hard repeats? Do you stand around, walk for a bit, or just keep on running?

The answer to the question isn’t as simple as it may seem, which is why I wanted to dedicate an article to the topic.

The manner in which you undertake your rest interval can impact how quickly you recover between repeats. Moreover, strategically manipulating the rest can offer unique training benefits and provide a new, challenging stimulus to stale workouts.

In this article, I’ll outline four different ways you can approach your rest intervals, the benefit and use case for each, and some unique ways you can mix up how you approach rest intervals to add a new stimulus to your training.

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