Injured? Here’s How To Stay Sharp

Sample Cross-Training Workout From Jason Fitzgerald

Mixed Tempo Day:
– 15 minute warm-up
– 15 minute tempo effort
– 1 minute recovery
– 5×3 minutes at 10k effort with 1 minute recovery between
– 10 minute cool-down

By the time you get over your injury and are able to return back to regular training, you want to be able to hit the ground with as much power as possible. Because as we know, speed comes from power and strength.


About The Author:

Caitlin Chock set the then national high school 5K record of 15:52.88 in 2004. Now a freelance writer and artist she writes about all things running and designs her own line of running shirts. You can read more, see her running comics, and her shirts at her website.

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