Video: Baby Goucher On Running Injuries and Split Shorts

This baby can barely walk or talk, but he knows a thing or two about running.

The son of American Olympic long-distance runners Kara and Adam Goucher, Colt Goucher has already inherited his parents’ knowledge of running. Although Colt is still learning to talk, Adam, the author of Running the Edge, has kindly deciphered his son’s speech and provided subtitles for us non-baby gibberish speakers.

Turns out Colt has plenty of opinions on running, from common running injuries to whether or not it’s acceptable for men to wear split shorts (it totally is). Not only does the baby running guru have some valid insights, but he’s pretty darn adorable to watch.

Split shorts or no split shorts? Colt has a few things to say about this:

His conclusion: Rock those split shorts.

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