Flanagan, Hall Headlining Bolder Boulder 10K

The Bolder Boulder 10K is one of the country's biggest road races, but it has also put a big emphasis its International Team Challenge elite race through the years. Photo: Courtesy Bolder Boulder
The Bolder Boulder 10K is one of the country’s biggest road races, but it has also put a big emphasis on the elite race through the years. Photo: Courtesy Bolder Boulder

Flanagan and Hall are racing for the first time since the Boston Marathon.

A stacked field of American runners, led by Shalane Flanagan and Ryan Hall, will be competing in the International Team Challenge at the Bolder Boulder 10K on Monday in Boulder. Colo.

The Bolder Boulder created the International Team Challenge in 1998 which includes professional runners from all over the world that compete on three-person teams in a team by country format, for one of the largest non-marathon prize purse races in the country.

The U.S. will have three men’s teams in the elite race, led by  Hall, Luke Puskesdra and Jeff Eggleston on the USA Team Red. The U.S. will also have three teams entered in the women’s elite race, led by Flanagan, Deena Kastor and Sara Hall on USA Team Red.

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“We are excited to welcome so many top level American athletes in this year’s International Team Challenge as well as fast international teams that race well at altitude,” said Bolder Boulder race director Cliff Bosley. “Historically, teams that train at altitude preform very well at the Bolder Boulder and we think it will be a very exciting and competitive men’s and women’s race with this year’s lineup.”

The Bolder Boulder 10K is one of the country’s largest road races, with a field of more than 50,000 runners in most recent years. Bosley said last week registration was tracking ahead of the pace of last year’s race, which had a field of about 49,800 runners.

In 2013, athletes that competed in the Bolder Boulder earned more than $147,100. This year’s total prize purse is valued at $110,600 before bonuses. The men’s and women’s professional races follow the Bolder Boulder course and are scheduled to finish in a packed stadium at the University of Colorado’s Folsom Field before the Memorial Day Tribute.


USA Team Red: Ryan Hall, Luke Puskesdra and Jeff Eggleston
USA Team White: Bobby Curtis, Sean Quigley and Ben Bruce
USA Team Blue: Tyler McCandless, Stephen Pifer and Brent Vaughn
Kenya: Lani Rutto, Allan Kiprono and Kevin Kipruto Kochei
Mexico: Juan Luis Barrios Nieves, José Antonio Uribe Marino and Erick Pérez
Ethiopia: Solomon Deksisa, Tilahun Regassa and Gebo Burka
Eritrea: Samson Gebreyohannes, Afewerki Berhane and Kiflom Sium
Peru: Raul Cesar Machacuay Huaman, Jhon Cusi Huaman, Constantino Leon Lopez and Rosvelino Edinson Chocca Loayza
Ecuador: Miguel Almachi, Byron Piedra and Mauricio Matute

USA Team Red: Shalane Flanagan, Deena Kastor and Sara Hall
USA Team White: Kellyn Johnson, Adriana Nelson and Renee Bailee
USA Team Blue: Wendy Thomas, Brianna Nelson and Mattie Suver
Kenya: Agnes Cheserek, Risper Gesabwa and Millicent Kuria
Mexico: Kathia Mirelle García Barrios, Violeta Rene Gómez Mayoral and Maritza Arenas Labana
Ethiopia: Amane Gobena, Mamitu Daska and ZemZem Ahmed
South Africa: Rene Kalmer, Nolene Conrad and Christine Kalmer
Peru: Santa Ines Melchor Huiza, Karina Villazana Alvarez and Clara Canchanya Canchanya
Morocco: Benichatki Fatiha, Malika Belfakir and Malika Asahssah


Scott Parson, Joshua George, Gyu Dea Kim, Craig Blanchette, Raymond Martin, Aaron Pike, Ryan Chalmers, Jacob Heilveil, Tyler Byers, Bradley Ray, Denny Gordon, Raymond Martin, Matt Davis, Matthew Porterfield, Martin Dawson, Aaron Hill and Dan Marshall

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