Things That Lurketh On The Trails

Bears, mountain lions, moose and creepy streakers are obvious things to avoid when it comes to time on the trail—or anywhere, really. And with good reason, but those heart-pounding encounters are rare (if ever) occurrences for most runners. Instead, it’s the little things—like rash-inducing plants, biting bugs and critters that slither—that promote less-than-fond memories of communing with nature. Knowledge is power and, when it comes to our list of natural annoyances, so is avoidance. Whether its needing to beware of three-pronged leaves, or remembering that “red next to black” means friend and “yellow next to red” means foe when it comes to snakes, we’ve put together your summer trail survival cheat sheet. Look closely and please don’t sit on stinging nettle or a scorpion—you’ve been warned!

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