2014 World’s Toughest Mudder Announced

The 2014 World's Toughest Mudder will be held on the outskirts of Las Vegas and carry a $60,000 prize purse.
The 2014 World’s Toughest Mudder will be held on the outskirts of Las Vegas and carry a $60,000 prize purse.

U.S. obstacle course racing championships are getting more hype, sponsors and exposure.

The Tough Mudder mud obstacle event series is amping up the competitive vibe to its annual World Toughest Mudder event this year. The fourth-annual season-ending championship event will be held Nov. 15-16 at Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nev., and have a $60,000 prize purse. It’s another sign that obstacle course racing is continuing to grow in the U.S.

The event will once again be based on how many laps of an obstacle-filled 5-mile course competitors can complete during a 24-hour period. Ryan Atkins, the 2013 World’s Toughest Mudder winner, completed 100 miles in 24 hours, while about 40 other competitors completed 75 miles or more within the 24-hour time limit. This year’s course is expected to feature 20 obstacles per lap—about twice the number as in previous years—including wall climbs, mud pits, fire jumps, ice water ponds, electric shock cord zones and various other technical challenges that test strength, speed and endurance.

The top male and female competitors at this year’s World’s Toughest Mudder will earn a $10,000 first prize, while the top four-person team will take home $12,000.

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World’s Toughest Mudder is the culminating event of the Tough Mudder race calendar, and is a much more intense version of the 55 Tough Mudder events held around the world throughout the year. Those events are untimed and typically held on a 10- to 12-mile course. Race promoters have said that this year’s World’s Toughest Mudder will feature more arduous versions of classic Tough Mudder obstacles, as well as obstacles entirely exclusive to the year-end event and the debut of new obstacles that will be on Tough Mudder courses in 2015.

“We are thrilled to be hosting World’s Toughest Mudder at Lake Las Vegas,” says Nolan Kombol, Tough Mudder’s Director of Event Innovation. “With hundreds of acres of rolling desert landscape running alongside a massive freshwater lake, the raw terrain will allow us to build our most challenging course ever.”

Registration information for the 2014 World’s Toughest Mudder can be found at the Tough Mudder site.

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