Light, Fast & Free: 2014 Summer Trail Running Shoe Buyer’s Guide

New Balance 860v4 Trail

Patagonia Everlong, $110

8.3 oz. (men’s), 6.7 oz. (women’s)

24 mm (heel), 20 mm forefoot


Fit: The Everlong fits wider than most shoes in the heel and midfoot and is roomy fit in the forefoot.

Feel: The soft and spacious fit gives way to a luxuriously soft, infinitely flexible feeling on the run. Although it’s not quite a “barely there” minimalist model, this low-to-the-ground model barely feels like its there, just a soft sliver of foam and a slice of rubber between your foot and the ground below.

Ride: The soft ride of this minimally designed shoe feels more like a road running shoe than some road running shoes. It’s intended to be a road-to-trail crossover shoe—and it is—but it excels on smooth routes (dirt, crushed gravel, wood chips, pavement) without rugged obstacles or sharp objects. With little toe cap protection and no sidewall or underfoot protection, only the most agile and experienced runners will appreciate this shoe on technical trails. “One of the softest shoes I’ve ever run in,” said one tester.

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