Light, Fast & Free: 2014 Summer Trail Running Shoe Buyer’s Guide

Skechers GoRunBionic 2

Skechers GoRunBionic 2, $90

6.5 oz. (men’s), 5.3 oz. (women’s)

11.5 mm (heel), 11.5 mm forefoot


Fit: This shoe has a wide profile than many of its contemporaries, with plenty of wiggle room in the toe box. Our wear testers said they really had to torque down the laces to get a snug fit.

Feel: With a fit like a soft, snug and comfy fit, this shoe feels more like a bedroom slipper than a trail running shoe. There’s very little structure or protection in this model, aside from the modest slice of rubber on the foot. On the contrary, it’s extremely flexible and designed with a pliable structure to match the movements of the foot.

Ride: With so much flexibility and so little cushioning, this shoe feels just like a minimalist road shoe or low-slung racing flat. Because of that, it’s best for running on smooth trails (dirt, wood chips, concrete bike paths, crushed gravel, etc.) and not much more. The more debris and technical aspects to the trail, the more you can feel pushing through the sole to the bottom of your foot.  “Not much under your foot at all,” said one wear-tester. “This is a smooth-running minimalist shoe with some additional softness,” said another wear-tester.

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