Light, Fast & Free: 2014 Summer Trail Running Shoe Buyer’s Guide

Skechers GoRun Ultra

Skechers GoRun Ultra, $90

8.7 oz. (men’s), 7.5 oz. (women’s)

27 mm (heel), 23 mm forefoot


Fit: Comfortably form-fitting in the heel and midfoot, but slightly more room in the toe box.

Feel: The soft, luxurious step-in feel comes to life with a soft sensation in every stride. Other than soft and comfortable, the shoe is noticeably light and slightly wider than many of the shoes in this review.

Ride: With a thick layer of very soft cushioning (that includes the array of soft knobby lugs), the neutral-oriented GoRun Ultra serves up long-haul comfort and performance on both smooth and semi-technical trails and gravel roads. (The traction is pretty good, but wear-testers found that the softness of the lugs sometimes lacked structure and tackiness to grip over wet or rocky features.) It’s not quite sturdy or protective enough to run on rugged trails and some rockier fire roads, but it’s fast, comfy and smooth on everything else. “Wow, this one was a surprise,” said one wear-tester.  “Definitely my favorite shoe for mellow and moderate trails.”

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