5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Stronger

Not all strength training workouts are the same and that could be the reason why you’re not getting stronger.

You’ll do anything to run faster. You’ll read the latest book on distance training or the newest article on your favorite blog on how to add variety to your tempo workouts, but you keep doing the same body weight exercises that you’ve been doing for years.

Your strength hasn’t changed much and you constantly suffer from the usual aches and pains from pounding the pavement. It might be a new concept for some, but supplementing your running program with an effective and well laid out strength training program can be advantageous in making you a faster and more durable runner.

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Unfortunately, with the vast amount of information available online, runners can get a little stir-crazy when choosing effective strength training methods. Improving strength, explosive power and core stability is a science and requires appropriate programming, just as it does when looking to improve VO2 max or lactate threshold.

Certain training methods have better transference to running and are therefore more effective at improving running performance and reducing injury risk. Here are five reasons why your strength and conditioning program is not making you stronger:

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