5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Stronger

You Don’t Have A Plan Or Purpose

Each year, your coach maps out your training with changes in running volume and intensity to complement your racing schedule so that your peak or ability to perform at your best occurs during the most important races. These fluctuations in training are part of a process called periodization. Programming strength training is no different. Without a plan in place, your progress will be minimal and you’ll likely get frustrated.

Choosing the most appropriate exercises based on your current abilities that have the most transference to improving your running efficiency is key to improving running specific strength. For example, a squat would be a better option than a seated leg press because the squat challenges you to keep your balance whereas the leg press has you seated, and we know you can’t run sitting down. Your strength training workouts should be progressed throughout the year to make you the strongest and most explosive during racing season.

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Take Home Message
Randomized training is inferior to a well-planned exercise program. Take the time to map out your year so that you peak for your most important races. Keep a running and strength training log to document your progress throughout the year.

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