5 Ways To Become A Faster Runner

Here are five ways to change up your training to stimulate better results.

Do you train and train but never seem to improve your race times? If so, you’re not alone. Even if you’re a good runner, accumulated fatigue from increased mileage and the same challenging workouts week in and week out can slow you down. Here are five ways to change things up in training to stimulate better results.

1. Immerse yourself.

The fastest way to learn a language is through immersion. In a language immersion camp, everyone is required to speak nothing but the language being studied for a week or a month or however long it lasts. A running immersion works similarly. Of course, taking on too much running too quickly can lead to fatigue and injury, but if done right, a running immersion can help build your aerobic base into your week and train you to run while fatigued.

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When adding more mileage to your weekly running diet, do it with caution. Add miles slowly, with 5- to 10-percent gains over two or three weeks and as much as 20 percent over a span  of two months. Immediately going from 30 to 35 miles per week shouldn’t affect you much, but you’ll definitely feel the effects of going from 30 to 50, both in leg fatigue and the mental stress of finding time to fit it in.

You’ll need to find out what works for you, but a few ways to increase your mileage include adding three miles or so as a cooldown after an interval workout, adding a second run on a day of easy running, adding 15 minutes to weekly maintenance runs and adding 20-25 minutes to your long run every other week. But make sure you’re still taking at least one or two off from running each week so you don’t literally run yourself into the ground.

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