Cross-Train Like A Triathlete

Cross-training like a triathlete has the potential to lead to injury, however, so proceed with caution. Photo:

Runner Beware

Training like a triathlete can help most recreational and masters runners become more fit and injury resistant. But it would likely hinder the world’s most elite runners or young sub-elite age-groupers whose only goals are focused on running as fast as possible. Indeed, top coaches say running high mileage is still the fastest way to success — but only if you’re one of the select few who can handle it.

“Yes, we all know the special guy who can seemingly run more miles and never get hurt. But that’s the special guy,” Murr says. “Most of us can’t handle that kind of training, especially as we get older. So it comes down to how well we can manage our energy, physical health and still pursue the goal of being fit and fast. We’re all an experiment of one and finding a balance that works for each of us.”

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