Should You Become A Gluten-Free Eater?

Quick Tips For Going Gluten-Free

Get Label Savvy
Gluten sneaks into many condiments and most salad dressings; read ingredients and labels carefully, as it can even be in shampoos, lotions and medications.

Restaurants And Food Prep
Many restaurants are catering to gluten-free diners; however, cross-contamination is an issue you need to be aware of. Cross-contamination occurs when the same cooking space, pots, dishes, utensils, etc., are shared between regular dishes and those designated gluten-free.

“Cross-contamination is a word to know and ask questions till you feel comfortable, even if it takes 45 minutes,” Yoder Begley said. Keep this in mind for when you cook at home too. “Triumph Dining has books that list gluten-free restaurants in each city.”

Get Packing
“When packing for a trip I take a lot of my own food in a carry-on. I usually take Justin’s nut butter, Udi’s GF bread, GF oatmeal packets and fruit,” Yoder Begley said.

Calcium And Carbs
“Usually calcium is a big one that can get missed if they eliminate dairy as part of the process,” Austin said. Be sure you’re getting enough calcium and don’t skimp on the carbs either, as there are plenty to be had even on a gluten-free diet. “It is just about getting enough calories and making sure they don’t get too many of them from fat and protein because they are trying to cut out gluten-related carbs and end up eating a diet that is too high in fat and protein.”

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