The Everyman: The Sedentary Worker

Many Americans sit at work all day and do not exercise. Here’s how to sneak in a few workouts.

I sit for most of the day. OK, pretty much all of it. From Monday through Friday, I’m mostly glued to my desk chair—which is bolted to the floor in front of my desk—for hours and hours and hours.

My current work schedule, which I shuffled around earlier this year, has me working around 60 hours a week—which is not unlike most Americans these days. Three of my days are super long, while the other two are a bit shorter.

And while I enjoy my work, I do not enjoy not being able to work out as much as I used to. When you’re bogged down with work for so long, and one project runs into the next one, it’s often hard to fit in much more than a quick meal.

If any of this sounds familiar, there’s hope for us workaholics who yearn for more activity during the course of the day. There are options to at least get us up and moving every hour. Give these a try:

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