Essential Gear For Multi-Hour Mountain Running

You’ll need these 11 essential pieces of gear for long-distance adventure running.

With dizzying heights, window-on-the-world vistas and challenging terrain, running in the mountains can be an amazing experience unlike any other kind of running. Fittingly, so is the gear necessary for a safe and satisfying experience. Route length, elevation, trail conditions, weather, personal assessment and the unexpected all need to be considered, and preparation is always the best defense. Familiarize yourself with your route, be aware of the weather and let someone know where you’re going. Better yet, grab a friend to go with you! Then review our checklist and use common sense to decide what items you’ll need to toss into your pack or stash in a pocket for just-in-case scenarios. No, you won’t need everything on the list for every run, but when you are heading up into the mountains it’s good to know you’re prepared for whatever happens on the trail.


— 2014 Trail Running Shoe Buyer’s Guide

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