5 Tips To Recover The Right Way

3. Pay Attention To Your Enthusiasm And Don’t Be Afraid To Rest An Extra Day

According to McMillan, the first sign that a runner needs a day of rest is when he just doesn’t feel up to running. “When you wake up in the morning and are just dreading your next workout, that is the No. 1 sign you aren’t recovered,” he said. “If you feel this way on the day of your workout, then there’s already a good chance that it’s not going to be a positive, rewarding experience. And if it’s not a positive experience then it can hurt your confidence.”

Another suggestion that McMillan offers if you think you might need another recovery day is to try to do your warm-up for the workout, but after the warm-up, do an internal check to see if you feel you are mentally ready.

“If you aren’t ready, then there’s nothing wrong with that,” admits McMillan. “There’s no reason to set ourselves up for failure. You have to listen to your body.”

Rubio has a similar philosophy. “Taking a down day helps the body and mind come back stronger,” he says. “If you feel guilty running so little so easy, add the minutes and pace to another run, preferably a hard day. Make your hard days, hard and your easy, days easy.”

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