Gear Of The Week: Ensō Roller

The Ensō Roller is adaptable and can be used as a handheld roller or a floor roller.

Use this nifty gadget to aid recovery, increase flexibility or boost circulation.

If you ever think the contortions required for targeted relief from standard muscle rollers are more exhausting than soothing, the eight adjustable massage discs on an Ensō may be just what you need. The kit includes a 13-inch aluminum tube with secure click grooves, four 4.5-inch discs and four 5-inch discs and can be used as a handheld or floor roller. Group discs together for gentle relief or spread them apart to achieve a deeper massage. Use it to relax and elongate tight muscles, help break up scar tissue and boost circulation and increase flexibility. It’s more user-friendly and targeted than a standard foam roller, but we can’t guarantee it will be any less painful. It always hurts undoing tight soft tissue!

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Price: $89

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