The Everyman: The Traveling Runner

Jason Devaney is hoping to avoid a sprained ankle on the cobblestones this summer. Photo:

Associate web editor Jason Devaney is about to set off for an international summer trip. Of course he’s taking his running shoes.

We’ve covered tips about working out while traveling in this space, which include things like hitting the hotel gym for a quick 30-minute session, pounding out some fast miles on the treadmill (to fight boredom) and even using your hotel room as a makeshift workout area.

But an extended international trip brings on a new set of challenges.

I’m about to get married and my soon-to-be wife and I will spend the summer in Italy. I’ll have to work while we’re there, but hey—is it really a bad thing to be working in Rome while drinking cappuccino and espresso and eating amazing food?

One of my goals during this two-month excursion is to work on my running. Since it’s too much of a hassle to bring our bikes and there aren’t many gyms in Italy, running and the occasional dip in the Mediterranean Sea will be our only ways of working out—and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But in the interest of saving weight, space and money, we need to pack light. That means I’m bring two pairs of running shoes—one for running and one for walking around. Two pairs of running shorts. Four—OK, five—running shirts. A handful of pairs of socks. Here’s hoping our Roman digs won’t smell like a locker room after a week.

The plan is to do a lot of exploring on our feet. And what better way to do that than while running? In other words, why walk when you can run (unless it’s a rest day, of course)?

Plus, with the amount of good food and cappuccinos I’ll be consuming, running will be necessary to avoid putting on the “Newlywed 15.”

We go wheels up in less than two weeks. It’s a long flight, so I’ll drink lots of water and get up to stretch every so often.

But I’m looking for some more help. Do you have any international travel tips when it comes to running? Got any funny/not-so-funny stories? Tweet me @jason_devaney1 and I’ll choose a few of your stories to feature on over the next several weeks.

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