5 Rules For Effective Strength Training

Determine The Frequency

Fitting in a properly structured strength training routine can prove to be difficult around the track workouts and long runs that already pack your schedule. However, runners shouldn’t feel the need to devote three to four days to strength training. For beginners, one to two days is likely going to be a good start to building strength and injury-proofing the body.

To determine how many days are appropriate for you, consider your training age — that is how long you’ve been working out — both on the roads and in the gym. For relative newbies (those training for a year or less), one day a week is a good starting point. Those that have some experience in the weight room and have also given their bodies plenty of time to adjust to the demands of regular running can start off with two days a week.

Advanced athletes that have at least a year of prior experience lifting weights and have been running consistently for over five years can start out with three days a week in the gym.

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