Add Running Speed With Shorter, Faster Workouts

You’re not as slow as you think, as these workouts will show.

Working with runners of all ability levels on a daily basis opens up your eyes to many running truths, particularly the fact that most runners are not as slow as they think. Beginner runners are often quick to downplay their speed without really knowing what they are capable of. Finding out how fast you really are can be a great confidence boost. Seeing an 8:00 or faster pace per mile on your watch can bring a smile to any runner’s face.

Running shorter and faster workouts can improve mechanics and help you realize what you can do with the right combination of speed and endurance training. Runners can get out of balance and only focus on endurance and long run mileage, but doing shorter, faster workouts gives you a balance to your training. Even if you are not really interested in getting faster, it is still a great way to break up your training and give your slow twitch muscles a break.

Try the workouts on the following pages to add some speed.

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