Add Running Speed With Shorter, Faster Workouts

Workout 1:  2 x 70m, 2 x50m, 2 x 30m (2-3min walk rest)

Where: On a track or flat road course
This workout will give you a good indication of how your mechanics change when you try to speed up. The distances are very manageable and allow plenty of rest to keep the paces fast. For this workout, you will simply do two sets of 70m runs, 50m runs and 30m runs. Walk for 2-3 minutes as rest after each run. You will use this workout to get an idea of what your short end speed is.

For reference, here are some paces per mile times for these short distances:

30m: 6.71s = 6:00/mile pace

7.27s = 6:30/mile

7.83s = 7:00/mile

8.39s = 7:30/mile

8.95s = 8:00/mile

9.51s = 8:30/mile

10.07s = 9:00/mile

50m: 11.18s = 6:00/mile pace

12.12s = 6:30/mile

13.05s = 7:00/mile

13.98s = 7:30/mile

14.91s = 8:00/mile

15.84s = 8:30/mile

16.78s = 9:00/mile

70m: 15.55s = 6:00/mile

16.96s = 6:30/mile

18.27 = 7:00/mile

19.57 = 7:30/mile

20.88 = 8:00/mile

22.18 = 8:30/mile

23.49 = 9:00/mile

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