Add Running Speed With Shorter, Faster Workouts

Workout 4: 1-mile Time Trial

Where: Track
After several weeks of shorter, faster workouts, it’s time to test yourself. A 1-mile time trial (4 laps around a standard 400m track) gives you the opportunity to race over a manageable distance. You still have to pace yourself a bit, but runners of many ability levels will have 10 minutes of running or less. See what you are capable of and compare that with your 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon paces. It will be eye opening to see what you can do. After another month to six weeks of training, you can run another one to measure your progress.

These workouts can help you become a better runner and open your mind to what is possible. Try these workouts this summer and make yourself a faster, more balanced and confident runner!

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