Four Key Kettlebell Exercises For Runners

Kettlebell workouts build both strength and range of motion, which are important for all runners.

Improve performance and prevent injury.

Walk into any gym and amongst the grunts and clanks of dumbbells and barbells, you’re bound to see someone in the corner swinging around a metal ball. Kettlebells have exploded in popularity across the world, leading fitness enthusiasts to swing, clean, press and lift the bell in different ways for a unique combination of cardio and strength.

Although they can be used for traditional exercises like squats and deadlifts, kettlebells often provide a different dimension to many workout programs. Their unique shape and size forces lifters to produce large amounts of force and control the weight through a large range of motion, building both strength and coordination.

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Kettlebells can offer an awesome workout for nearly anyone, but there are certain benefits to runners. Here are a few kettlebell exercises that have a direct carryover to runners for both improving performance and preventing injury.

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