Four Key Kettlebell Exercises For Runners

The power and motion during the kettlebell swing should come from the hips.

Kettlebell Swing

The swing is one of the most common kettlebell exercises for a reason. It’s a fantastic way to develop power and strength through the hips, particularly in the glutes and the hamstrings. In a sport like running that features constant pounding with each footfall, a strong backside is important both for performance and injury prevention. The quick, explosive motion of the swing also adds a unique element to your lifting routine.

Form Tips
The vast majority of the power and motion should come from the hips, not from bending the knees. Keep a slight bend in the legs but focus on snapping the hips through to move the kettlebell. Also, don’t pull on the weight with your arms. Your elbows should remain locked out the entire time, with your upper body acting as a method to hold on to the swinging weight.

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