Four Key Kettlebell Exercises For Runners

The kettlebell push press builds upper body strength, something that many runners overlook.

Kettlebell Push Press

Like the swing, the push press is designed to build power and explosiveness. This time, the focus is on the upper body. Many runners neglect their upper body, preferring to head out on another run or spend all their time building a strong lower half. In reality, the upper body is crucial for form and breathing, two key elements of performance. The push press builds core strength, since it only works one side at a time. It also develops explosive strength in the upper body, which is extremely important for finishing strong during the last quarter mile of a race.

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Form Tips
What makes the push press so special is that it transfers power from the lower body to the upper body and builds coordination. Avoid using solely your upper half to power the weight up. After a slight bend in the hips and knees, explode up and drive the weight overhead for maximum benefit.

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